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Last Updated on August 22, 2023

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism administers many of Turkey's top museums and archeological sites. This trove of artistic, historical, archeological, and cultural treasures is a prime reason to visit Turkey, so you'll want to visit at least a few museums and sites.

The Ministry issues multi-admission passes for the museums and sites in its care. Müzekart is only sold to Turkish citizens and foreign residents with valid ID, but Museum Passes are available to foreign tourists.

Museum Pass Basics and Tips

How to Save Your Time When Visiting Museums in Turkey

There's no doubt a Museum Pass is convenient: you avoid waiting in the ticket purchase line at each museum. However, it does not exempt you from the security-check line, so at some places, you will still have to spend time waiting in line, meaning that the time it takes you to visit a museum is more than just the time you enjoy inside the museum. Take this into account when you plan your daily itineraries.

You can also use the Museums of Turkey App on Android and Apple to check information about a museum before you visit. You can find information such as service hours, price of the tickets, museums close to your location, etc.

How to Save Money When Visiting Museums in Turkey?

A Museum Pass may save you money if you visit multiple museums and sites within the limited period of validity, which is measured in hours, not calendar days.

The greatest savings come when you plan your daily itineraries carefully. For example, if, with the 5-day Museum Pass Istanbul, you enter your first museum or site— and thus start the period of validity—first thing in the morning on Day 1, validity will end early in the morning on Day 6.

But if you start validity mid-day on Day 1, you will have until mid-day on Day 6 to enter museums. So you may want to visit a distant museum first, using the morning of Day 1 to travel there before you start the period of validity by entering the museum. Then on Day 6, you can visit museums close to your hotel, where you can enter as soon as they open.

For current pricing info for all museum passes, visit the official Museum Pass website. The Istanbul Museum Pass cost and other Museum Pass costs fluctuate frequently due to foreign currency exchange rates so it is advisable to check the official source for updated pricing info.

If you are a foreign resident holding an official residency such as a work permit, it’s highly recommended to apply for a Müzekart as it is much cheaper, valid for one year, and allows you access to a large number of sites across all of Turkey.

Museum Pass: Turkey

The Museum Pass Turkey gives you admission to 300+ museums operated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It's valid for 15 days. If you enjoy museums and archeological sites, this is a bargain, but remember: not all museums are operated by the Ministry. Museums outside the Ministry's control may not be included in the pass, though some offer discounts to Museum Pass holders during the period of validity.

Museum Pass: Istanbul

The 5-day Istanbul pass is valid for one entrance to any or all of the following museums within 120 hours after the first use of the pass. The Istanbul Museum Pass is valid at the following locations:

  1. Topkapı Palace and other palaces in Istanbul (including Hagia Irene Church and Harem)
  2. Istanbul Archeological Museums
  3. Museum of Turkish & Islamic Arts
  4. Museum for the History of Islamic Science & Technology in Gülhane Parkı
  5. Istanbul Great Palace Mosaic Museum (As of July 2023, closed for renovations)
  6. Chora Church Museum (Byzantine Mosaics) (As of July 2023, closed for renovations)
  7. Yıldız Palace Museum (As of July 2023, closed for renovations)
  8. Galata Mevlevihanesi (Whirling Dervish Hall) (As of July 2023, closed for renovations)
  9. Galata Tower Museum
  10. Istanbul Rumeli Hisarı Fortress Museum
  11. Adam Mickiewicz Museum
  12. Istanbul Airport Museum
  13. Maiden's Tower
  14. Istanbul Fethiye Museum (Pammakaristos Church) (As of July 2023, closed for renovations)

In addition, several important Istanbul museums offer 20% to 30% admission-fee discounts to Museum Pass holders, as do numerous shops, transport companies, hammams, and even Efendi Travel Agency.

Museum Pass: Cappadocia

This 3-day (72-hour), Museum Pass Cappadocia pass gives you entry to the following museums and archaeological sites:

  1. Ihlara Valley
  2. Derinkuyu Underground City
  3. Göreme Open Air Museum
  4. Göreme Valley's Dark Church (Karanlık Kilise)
  5. Kaymaklı Underground City
  6. Özkonak Underground City
  7. Nevşehir Museum
  8. Çavuşin Open Air Museum
  9. Hacıbektaş Museum
  10. Zelve and Paşabağlar Open Air Museums
  11. Aksaray Monastery Valley
  12. Aksaray Museum
  13. Gülşehir ST. Jean Church

Museum Pass: The Aegean

The 7-day, Museum Pass The Aegean allows you entrance to all Ministry museums and archeological sites in the provinces of İzmir, Aydın, Denizli, and Muğla, which cover Aphrodisias, Bodrum, Çeşme, Didyma, Ephesus, the city of İzmir, Marmaris, Miletus, Priene, Sardis, and others. The Aegean Museum Pass is a great option if you plan to explore the cities and sites in the region.

Museum Pass: The Mediterranean

The 7-day, Museum Pass The Mediterranean gives you entrance to all Ministry museums and sites in the provinces of Adana, Antalya, Denizli, and Mersin—virtually the entire Mediterranean coast and hinterland from Kalkan and Kaş in the west to beyond Gazipaşa in the east, including Alanya, Antalya, Aspendos, Çıralı (Olimpos & Chimaera), Demre/Myra, Finike, Kaş, Manavgat, Side, Termessos, Tlos, Üçağız (Teimiussa) and many others.

Note: The Mediterranean Museum Pass is invalid at Denizli Hierapolis Ancient Pool. So, you must purchase a separate ticket.

Where to Buy Museum Passes

Museum Passes are sold at the museums and archeological sites for which they are valid; from Mobile Sales Points (vans) roaming major tourist areas; at selected hotels (here are some in Istanbul); online from muze.gov.tr, and from Efendi Travel (10% discount).


Turkey has a long and rich history that's a must to experience for visitors. There are over 300+ museums in Turkey, and you can access most with Museum Passes for a fraction of the original cost.

There are several Museum Passes for almost every region and Turkey, and it is advisable to research which Museum Pass will work for your needs whether you are visiting Istanbul for a day or exploring all of Turkey.

Regardless of your choice, you will enjoy Turkey's many historical sites and rich history during your travels.

—by Tom Brosnahan, updated by Can Turan

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