Alaçatı : A Dreamy Village Outside of Izmir

Last Updated on September 7, 2022


Silence & Tea

Leaves rustle, and crunch underneath shoes walking down the cobblestone streets of Doganbey. Aside from this and the occasional sound of an animal or local passing by, that is all to be heard in this Aegean haven.  Nestled on the edge of the Dilek Peninsula, a preserved park just on the other side of famed port city : Kusadasi (Kuşadası).


. This village has had a unique history. It's present silence is perhaps influenced by its lack of population following the Turkish- Greek population exchange and increase in industrialism causing many former residents to relocate to more urban areas.

You can't argue... Doganbey is a postcard.

Scenic in both its solitude and serene views of the Aegean sea, Doganbey lacks nothing in terms of beauty. The ridge of the nature preserve at it's back, both angles of the village are worth framing. Guilty, I find myself often wanting to do just so. 


What is there to do there?

Nothing. In the best way possible.

Of course, if you really can't resist some motion, you can enjoy the local museum pictured to the side, a nice stroll down the street, or a tea or traditional Turkish coffee at the local cafe. There is something to do, clearly, but if you're one desperate for activities or entertainment this may not be the day trip for you.



                  lives  on...


Perhaps my favorite piece about this village is that it is independent. This becomes painfully clear while passing by abandoned homes, or reading the historical background of displacement in the region. Yet within this broader framework, there is also it's independence of both you and I. While we may for a short time enjoy its lush green beauty and quaint afternoon strolls. It's rhythm and silence will carry on far after our small selves like many others, say goodbye. 

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