Best Carpet Shops in Istanbul – Punto Carpet

Last Updated on July 11, 2019

#1 - Punto of Istanbul (get a unique 2019 TTP discount code below)

Why Punto is our ONLY carpet shop recommendation for Istanbul?

rugs in Turkey

  • The Punto Family has proudly handed down this honored legacy for five generations.
  • They REFUSE to present counterfeits unlike most shops in Istanbul.
  • “No Pressure” sales experience that is VERY unique to carpet shops in Turkey.
  • Range from moderately priced to the finest new and antique oriental carpets available.
  • Their shop is an amazing ancient Caravanserai which for centuries has been a center for traders along the Silk Road. Wonderful experience!


When shop owners know your affiliation with TTP you instantly have leverage and assurance to be served with excellence because of the spotless reputation they strive to keep as a top recommended TTP vendor. Oh, and yes they will give you a discount off your final sales price!

carpets in TurkeyFor over a decade we have seen Punto offering a wide range of high quality, authentic, hand-made rugs as new, antique, and vintage. You will find fine rugs from timeless classics to exotic contemporary in special collections as well. Their antique Turkish and Persian rugs collection has been gathered with the expertise of literally generations. Also the pure silk rugs are woven on the masters-looms of the famous Ozipek and Cinar families and considered to be their signature collection.

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