Best Coffee Shops in Antalya Turkey

Last Updated on February 28, 2023

Here are two coffee shop recommendations to prove why you should give up on Starbucks

while in Antalya,  and take in the best coffee shops in the area instead:

The Sudd

No matter where you’re located, with five shops around the Antalya area, this coffee shop is a great convenient option. The Sudd goes above and beyond in their coffee skills, while still paying excellent detail to customer service and quality shop design. Our personal favorite location is located in Old Town, “Kaleiçi”, with a clean black and white exterior and sharp wooden interior, it creates an atmosphere of excellence which mirrors their menu.

Cozy Coffee Houses (now renamed Hayy Coffee)

 With two locations one in Lara, and one in Konyaalti, this is a top-notch destination for an afternoon coffee. Their menu includes a variety of coffee based espresso and pour over options, as well as classic teas such as the Masala Chai latte, or a warm cup of Oolong. If you’re feeling funky, try out their Beetroot latte, or Conmiel Cortado. Holding true to its “Cozy” name, the interior design of both shops has a modern yet homey feel, making it an easy regular for any digital nomad or coffee lover in town.

Wether you are looking for a coffee shop for internet purposes or for enjoyment, a restful moment or meeting, we believe both of these options fulfill those needs. One of the key notes on both of these options are their convenience. If you are unfamiliar with navigating Antalya (first off, try checking out this page on bus routes!), it is important to feel like you are able to easily access where you want to go. Especially trying to navigate areas without data or a phone plan, google maps can be deceptive when you type in just, “coffee”. Here’s a sure solution to both of these issues.

If you’re looking to branch out from these options, stay tuned for an upcoming article detailing a few other great local options such as The Little Cafe (a bit farther off the beaten path), MugAntalya (more a bakery but still has coffee and great service!), as well as Cafe Bubu, a great restaurant and also coffee shop.

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