COVID-19 Cautious Vacations 2021

Questions regarding COVID-19 in terms of summer vacation are more than valid. Each traveler must assess the risk factors they are personally willing to take and be sure to practice mask-wearing guidelines to keep locals safe while traveling.


With that said, certain activities are clearly safer than others. If you are planning your vacation for this Summer one of our top picks for a vacation that is much safer in regards to COVID-19 is a private gulet tour. 


Private gulet tours in Turkey offer the luxury and beauty a typical trip consists of but in a unique naturally distanced manner. Not to mention.. its breathtaking, every minute of it.





Out on the open water, the spread of COVID-19 is virtually eliminated. Crewmembers and captains both can be tested before entering.


Gulet tours can offer some of the best in terms of both sights, history and cuisine. Each of these factors, accompanied by the beauty and added safety measures of the open sea create a perfect combination for Summer 2021 plans.


Our top recomendation for this is hands down Southern Cross Blue Cruising. Southern Cross is owned by a lovely couple, Dina and Dave, who have been in the industry for years and understand the value of each detail of a gulet trip.


Dina and Dave epitomize excellence, overseeing everything from the customer service of each crewmember to the quality of produce selected for each dining experience afloat.


Private blue cruises tend to be booked a year in advance and can fill up fast – if you’re hoping for a memorable and responsible vacation this summer be sure to fill out a form and check availability soon.

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