Balikci Sabahattin Fish Restaurant – Best Fish in Sultanahmet (Old City)

Last Updated on September 4, 2022

Located in historical and tourist-filled Istanbul’s Sultanahmet where great food is hard to come by, Balikci Sabahattin Fish Restaurant has been a local favorite for decades.

For 55 years the founder Sabahattin Korkmaz has put an emphasis on excellent fresh fish with an atmosphere that is just as magical.

100% of the fish is bought fresh from local fisherman, many of whom are spearfishing just nearby on the waters edge. Only a few of the smaller sea bass are farm raised with nearly 100% wild caught that very day right from the nearby waters. The salads and cold starters are just as fresh and creative!

As soon as you are seated you will see a host of staff working in sync to make sure every need is met throughout your entire experience. You are aware right away that Sabahattin's staff is seasoned, many of whom have worked with him for over 2 decades.

One of the things I loved about the restaurant is watching Sabahattin and his son Serkan sitting off to the side at their favorite table, watching the staff serving delighted guests and at times jumping in to seat regulars or send dishes on the house to specific honored guests. It was as if these two were conducting a most delicious symphony of perfectly tuned waiters and cooks. So delicious in fact I had to eat there two days in a row and could have kept going back again and again!

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