Lale Restaurant & Pudding Shop

Last Updated on January 14, 2020

Lale Restaurant in Sultanahmet, better known as The Pudding Shop, is a world-famous restaurant thanks to its delicious food and broad history.

The Pudding Shop grew in popularity during the 1960s, when it became a meeting place for hippies from around the world and other people traveling throughout Europe and Asia.

The restaurant coined its nickname, when foreign travelers would tell others about the restaurant, forgetting the name, but remembering the wide range of options of popular puddings.

Since it’s opening in the late 1950s, the Pudding Shop has been a popular stop among primarily tourists who are looking to eat traditional Turkish cuisine and desserts for a decent price.

During its first few years after opening, the Pudding Shop was one of the only places where tourists could receive easy transportation and tourist information. During this time, the owners of the restaurant placed a bulletin board inside the restaurant as a place for travelers to plan trips with other travelers. Over time, the board became known for its endless variety of messages and travel notes. 

The Pudding Shop has left some of the notes on the bulletin that have been posted over the years. Outside, the owners (the same owners who opened the restaurant) have put up a sign that reads, “The World Famous Pudding Shop.” 

Today, you can enjoy an affordable, delicious Turkish meal while soaking up one of the most historic restaurants in Turkey. While you enjoy your meal, you can choose from a variety of seating areas and read the new and old messages posted on the bulletin inside.

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