The Best Restaurant in Cappadocia: The Steak House

Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Cappadocia Steak House

Set on the hillside of the historical Üçhisar Castle, this elegant restaurant not only offers one of the best dining experiences in Cappadocia, but also has an incredible view of the city below. Sitting on the terrace at night overlooking the city lights while sipping a beautiful Cappadocian red is an entirely magical and unique experience. There is both indoor, outdoor, and terrace seating. The atmosphere is calm and welcoming to couples, families, singles, and especially foodies!


The menu offers an array of Middle Eastern inspired mezes (appetizers) along with beautiful Cappadocian wines. The restaurant is intentional about using only fresh, local ingredients.  Living up to its name, of course, their steaks are seared to perfection. Other dishes such as slow-cooked lamb shanks with a cherry reserve, colorful salads, incredible pasta dishes are available and set this restaurant aside as far more than just a steakhouse. If you’re struggling to decide on what you would like- ask your waiter, they are extremely knowledgeable and picked out an excellent arrangement of diverse appetizers, choice entrees, deserts and a beautifully paired wine.

For dessert we recommend their “Kabak Tatlisi”, or in english, pumpkin dessert. Cappadocia is known specifically for their pumpkins and while this dessert can be found all over Turkey, it is definitely a specialty in this region. Made with tahini, honey and nuts, this restaurant has a unique process of preparing the dessert which takes multiple days. If you are not a pumpkin fan the rest of their desserts are also quite good. It would be amiss to not mention the excellency of service, the waiters are highly attentive, patient and kind. They have been clearly trained on the menu and offer a rich background of information for each dish’s origin and unique qualities. Cappadocia can get a bit chilly in the evenings, but no worries if you come at night the restaurant provides blankets for guests who choose to enjoy their meal out on the terrace.

Overall if you are going for a luxury restaurant in Cappadocia that delivers in unique specialty items as well as service and views this is a great option. Their menu pricing is on the higher end but for the service and quality of food it is well worth the price and a once in a lifetime dining experience.

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