Christopher Vannoy

Last Updated on August 31, 2022

PhD Candidate, Wine Guide, and Writer

Christopher Vannoy has been experiencing the delight of life in Turkey since his early 30s. He has started a number of social enterprise businesses in Turkey, including 3 travel companies, and is now working on his Ph.D. But his joy is exploring and research. Living in Turkey for over 22 years has afforded him the opportunity to travel to every region. With an undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech in engineering, he is methodical in his approach, investigating wines with both technical and artistic emphasis. 

A fan of wine before moving to Turkey with many wines sipped in Spain, Italy, France, and Germany under his belt, he brings this knowledge as he digs deeply into the burgeoning Turkish wine and vineyard scene. He has in many ways watched it develop since, due to legal concerns, most boutique vineyards have only started in the time since Christopher moved to Turkey around 2000. 

He has a uniquely diverse academic background with citations for both US and European patents (ask him about that over a nice Cabernet Franc) as well as for discovering 1800-year-old Roman milestones. (He can still show you where it lays near his Antalya!)

He has been adopted into a Turkish nomadic village near Antalya where he enjoys winemaking, wine tasting, and wine writing. With over 400 wine reviews published online, he brings a Western perspective to Turkish wine. 

He now publishes on his own website www.turkish-wine.com as well as on his Facebook and Instagram channels.

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