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Last Updated on January 12, 2024

I ask you to mention Turkey Travel Planner when you contact hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tour companiesand other travel establishments. Why?

Because it empowers me to help you.

I choose carefully the travel services described on Turkey Travel Planner (TTP) so that you'll have a good experience when you use them. I want TTP to be the best and most trusted source in the world for travel information on Turkey.

Because of the popularity of TTP, many travelers do use the services I recommend, whether they are TTP Sponsors or not. This gives me powerful "leverage:" travel service owners know that if something goes wrong and a traveler is dissatisfied, the traveler will let me and other TTP users know about it. They may lose business as a result, so they will do their best to keep you and other TTP users happy.

I can't promise or guarantee that every traveler will have only good experiences at every travel service mentioned on TTP. The world is just too complicated for such certainty. But by mentioning to a travel service provider that you found them through TTP, you make it easier for me to act as an advocate on behalf of you and all other travelers to rectify any disappointments. It also lets travel services know that your good experiences may be communicated to tens of thousands of other travelers going to Turkey.

Not only that, several businesses recommended on TTP provide extra services and products to TTP visitors at no additional cost. It pays to mention TTP!

So please just mention it: "I saw your service on Turkey Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan"—when you send an email message or telephone or fax, or when you arrive. It puts travel service personnel on notice that you're not alone, and that the world is watching.


—by Tom Brosnahan

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