Avocado Pear Allergy in Turkey

Last Updated on December 10, 2022

The avocado (avocado pear, alligator pear, Persea americana) is a large berry with a single large seed in the center.

It originated in Puebla, Mexico, where it was called ahuácatl by the Aztecs and aguacate by Spaniards, it has now made its way into Mediterranean cuisine as growing conditions in that region are favorable.

The avocado was not grown in Turkey until the 1980s and 1990s. Although Turkey now produces about 1000 tons of avocadoes annually along its Mediterranean coast, it is not an ingredient used in traditional Turkish cuisine.

However, it is being used in newly-created dishes, mostly in upscale European-style nouvelle cuisine restaurants.


Because there are no traditional uses for avocados in Turkish cuisine, it is impossible to say how it might be used—whole, mashed, pureéd, or in soups or sauces—and whether or not you can identify it by sight.

It's probable that it will be used mostly in non-traditional dishes such as mixed salads, but this cannot be guaranteed.


Is there avocado in it? = İçinde avokado var mı? (EECH-een-DEH AH-voh-KAH-doh VAHR muh)

Yes = evet (eh-VEHT)

No = hayır/yok ('higher,' YOHK)

I'm allergic to avocado = avokado alerjim var (AH-voh-KAH-doh ah-lehr-ZHEEM vahr)

Most processed food packages in Turkey contain lists of ingredients, often in several languages, but you may want to have a Turkish speaker help to interpret the ingredients list.

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