MSG Allergy in Turkey

Last Updated on April 30, 2019

Monosodium glutamate (MSG; monosodyum glutamat) is not a common ingredient in Turkish cuisine, restaurant meals or other freshly-prepared dishes in Turkey, although it does turn up in packaged foods.

Turkish factory-prepared and packapged foods list ingredients on the labels, so you should see monosodyum glutamat in the list if it is contained in the product.

You will want to ask about MSG initially, until you feel comfortable in ordering food. Here are some Turkish phrases to help you:

Monosodyum glutamata alerjim var.

(MOH-noh-SOD-yoom GLOO-tah-mah-TAH ah-lehr-ZHEEM vahr), “I’m allergic to monosodium glutamate.”

İçinde monosodyum glutamat var mı?

(EECH-een-DEH MOH-noh-SOD-yoom GLOO-tah-maht VAHR muh), “Is there monosodium glutamate in it?”

Monosodyum glutamat kullanır mısınız?

(MOH-noh-SOD-yoom GLOO-tah-maht koo-lah-NUHR muh-suh-nuhz), “Do you use monosodium glutamate?”

—by Tom Brosnahan

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