Turkish Honey (Bal)

Turkey is justly famed for its fragrant, flavorful honey(bal) gathered from the forests and fields of Anatolia.

Many areas produce superb honey, including the mountains along the Mediterranean shore near Marmaris, the mountains near Konya, and even in Kars in extreme northeastern Turkey.

Here are some words to help you in your honey-shopping:

Çam BalıPine-forest honey, particularly from the Aegean region
Çiçek Balı“Flower honey,” collected from hives near fields of flowers
Fer Özel BalıSpecially bright and clear honey
Ihlamur BalıLinden flower honey
Karakovan BalıHoney from a hive that has been “rested” for months in a pitch-dark place, unaffected by light
Kekik BalıThyme-flower honey
Kestane BalıChestnut blossom honey
Kirçiçeği BalıWildflower honey
NarenciyeBalıCitrus flower honey, usually from the Mediterranean coast
Oğul BalıFirst honey drawn from a new hive
Petek BalıHoney in the honeycomb
Sepet Kovan Balı“Basket hive” honey
Yayla BalıMixed wildflowers from high mountain pastures

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