Turkish Ordinal Numbers

Last Updated on April 30, 2019

Ordinal numbers (“first, second, third, etc”) are made by adding a suffix to the cardinal number.

The suffix is a variant of -inci congruent with Turkish vowel harmony:




2nd ikinci ee-KEEN-jee
3rd üçüncü ur-CHURN-jur
10th onuncu ohn-OON-joo
20th yirminci yeer-MEEN-jee
30th otuzuncu oh-tooz-OON-joo
100th yüzüncü yurz-URN-jur
157th yüzelliyedinci yurz-eh-lee-yeh-DEEN-jee
1000th bininci been-EEN-jee
1,000,000th milyonuncu meel-yohn-OON-joo

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