Your Currency’s Name in Turkish

Last Updated on May 2, 2019

Here are Turkish words for foreign currencies so you’ll recognize them when you see them in a Turkish bank or Currency Exchange Office (döviz bürosu):

US Dollar (USD) ABD Doları
Euro (EUR) Euro/Avro
Australian Dollar (AUD) Avusturalya Doları
British Pound Sterling (GBP) İngiliz Sterlin
Canadian Dollar (CDN) Kanada Doları
Free Market (Rate) Serbest Piy[asa]
Japanese Yen (JPY) Japon Yeni
Norway Kronor (NOK) Norveç Kronu
Saudi Arabian Rial (SAR) Saudi Riyalı
Swiss Franc (CHF) İsviçre Frangı
Turk. Central Bank (Rate) Merkez Bankası
UK Pound Sterling (GBP) İngiliz Sterlin
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