Do I need a HES code in Turkey 2021? Yes, here’s how to get one

Last Updated on April 1, 2021


If you are planning to travel to Turkey this year, you are going to need a HES code. This code is used to monitor and aid in preventing the spread of COVID-19. 


You will need a HES code. But when will you use it- and how can you get it?


Restaurants, coffee shops, public transportation, and many other places will require you to show your HES code upon entry. The code itself can be scanned as a QR code or read aloud- unless you are using it for public transportation.


Though there has been debate on this matter and exceptions for some foreigners by and large you will not be able to use your bus or metro card if it has not been linked to a HES code. This means you need to register your HES code with the bus or transportation system of the city you are in BEFORE you can use the card.


If you don’t register your HES code, this can result in quite awkward moments getting thrown off of the bus, even if you have the code. To avoid this- we highly recommend getting your HES code and registering it with your bus card ahead of time.


If you have wifi and the time though- getting your HES code is not as hard as it may seem. 




To get your HES Code follow these steps :


There are three ways to obtain a HES code in Turkey in 2021.


1. The first option is filling out this form prior to entry (72 hours before entry). This is mandatory to enter the country, therefore, it is the easiest option if you are not currently in Turkey.



2. Alternatively, if you are already in the country and have access to SMS messaging, send an SMS to the number 2023 with the following information 


  • HES (just these letters)



  • Your passport number


  • Year of birth 


  • Surname 


  • Number of days you want the code to be active for


Example for someone from the US: HES US 123456789 2001 JONES 


3. Finally, you can also obtain your HES code by downloading this app: Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) mobile app




AFTER YOU HAVE YOUR HES CODE – Here is how to link it with public transportation cards


Each individual city will have a different system to link your public transportation card with. If you are planning to visit multiple cities, please remember this factor before trying to board your bus.


Izmir  – https://hes.eshot.gov.tr










Follow these links to register your HES code with the appropriate city’s transportation system. If you are traveling or using a different city’s public transportation look up the city’s name followed by the words, “Kart, HES) ex: Antalyakart HES. This typically will pull up a link to 



SCAM ALERT: Depending on your city people may be standing near bus card stations ready to help. While some are completely genuine we have watched in Istanbul specifically, a group of individuals pretending to help and later demanding money from foreigners. 

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