Fishing Weirs at Dalyan, Turkey

Last Updated on April 23, 2019

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Fish Catch Themselves…

Weirs—netting or lattice stretched across a water current where fish swim—are one of the oldest fishing methods known.

Ancient men and women set them up in Istanbul‘s Bosphorus, and in pretty much every stream, river or ocean current available.

The Dalyan Creek (Dalyan Çayı) on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is perfect for weirs, as this elaborate system attests.

I took this photo decades ago when the weirs were still very active.

Today most of the erstwhile fishermen make their living ferrying tourists up and down the Dalyan Creek, from placid Köyceğiz Lake past the rock-cut Lycian tombs high on the cliff face overlooking the town of Dalyan, to İztuzu Beach at the mouth of the river at the Mediterranean shore.


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