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Last Updated on May 6, 2019

Enjoying Istanbul means more than just seeing Hagia SophiaTopkapı Palace and the Grand Bazaar. This big, lively city has lots of discovery possibilities, and Istanbul Tour Studio, a TurkeyTravelPlanner.com partner, has the guides to show them to you:

Bazaaring in Istanbul

Explore Istanbul’s Grand BazaarSpice Bazaar and others with an expert who will take you behind the scenes to places casual strollers never discover. More…

Istanbul Bicycle Tours

Faster than walking, far better than a tour bus, bicycle tours show you the real Istanbul in the best way. More…

Istanbul Running Tour

Morning run? Why not combine your daily exercise with sightseeing? Here’s how.Here’s how. More…

Street Art Tour

Graffiti is everywhere, but street art—real art, not graffiti—is more difficult to find—unless you have the right guide. More…

Street Photography Walk

Best angles, times of day, how to judge the light: you’ll get the best photos and improve your skills on this walking tour. More…

Contemporary Art in Istanbul

Turkish art started fresh with the founding of the Turkish Republic (1923), so Turkish contemporary art is big, vigorous and exciting. Here’s how to get to know it. More…

Sailing in Istanbul

Istanbul is three parts land and three parts water. See it the best possible way: on a sailboat. More…

A Day on the Bosphorus

Every visitor takes a Bosphorus cruise. The most discerning ones, really get to know the Bosphorus on this trip. More…

Ottoman Istanbul

Capital of a huge empire for nearly 500 years, this rich city has the architectural monuments and culture to prove it. More…

Flavors of the Old City

Turkish cuisine is among the world’s best and most interesting. You’re experiencing it three times a day during your visit. Here’s how to learn what it’s all about. More…

Rowing in Istanbul

If you’re a rower, you want to row wherever you can. Now you can row on the Golden Horn—and tell your friends. More…

Jewellery Workshop

Whether you make jewellery or just appreciate and wear it, you’ll enjoy seeing how elaborate Turkish jewellery is made. More…

Mushroom Hunt and Picnic

Mushrooms in an urban sprawl of 14 million people? They’re there, you can find them, and have a picnic too—with the right guide. More…

What Fascinates You?

Other ideas? Something special you want to see, do, find, or experience in Istanbul? Talk to Istanbul Tour Studioabout it. They’ll probably be able to find a guide (they call them curators) to lead you to precisely what you want.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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