Ephesus Restaurants

Last Updated on May 11, 2021

Selçuk, the town near Ephesus, has a lively outdoor restaurant scene.

Stroll along any of the streets between the main street (highway) and the railroad tracks and you'll pass at least a half-dozen nice little places. Perhaps the best street is Cengiz Topel Caddesi.

For even better restaurants in a beautiful setting, make the short trek to Şirince in the hills east of Selçuk. Known for its wine-making as well as its boutique hotels, Şirince is a great place for lunch, dinner, a snack, or an overnight. More...

—by Tom Brosnaham

Selçuk Köfteci

This restaurant is a must if you are in the Ephesus area and want a true Turkish experience. Their main dish is köfte which is a small, fragrantly spiced beef patty. You can choose spicy or non spicy, both of which are delicious and grilled to perfection. While the köfte is the star of the show, the mezzes (Turkish appetizers) are just as good. The mezzes are seasonal and displayed in a large glass case so that you can choose for yourself. The shakshuka, which is a dish of fried eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini, potatoes, and beautiful spices, is a traditional Turkish dish and a must-try! For dessert, they have a delicious pudding topped with tahini, almonds and molasses. The servers and cooks are very friendly, and it is a great family atmosphere.

Ejder Restaurant

If you are in Selçuk, Ejder is a restaurant you don't want to miss! It is a small restaurant, but has lots of outdoor seating space for families and larger groups. It is run by the sweetest husband and wife who make everything by hand- either in their tiny kitchen or on the grill. They offer a range of delicious Turkish foods from the traditional kebab and köfte, to incredible Turkish mezzes and dips and the most incredible homemade bread. Everything is very fresh, flavorful, and locally sourced. They also have a selection of beer and wine, as well as soft drinks and of course the traditional salty yogurt drink, ayran.

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