Göcek, Mediterranean Turkey

Pristine little Göcek reminds me of Bodrum or Marmaris20 years ago: charming and uncrowded.

Göcek's living used to be fishing and farming, but now it's yachts and yachters. If you're not a yachter, there's little to do in Göcek except stop for a meal, a browse through the shops, and an overnight in one of the few small hotels. 

This is fine! You may want to break your journey in a quieter place than Fethiye or Ölüdeniz. If so, try Göcek. It can be a good base for exploring the region, its archeological sites and its beaches, and Göcek now has plenty of hotels, villas and rental apartments/flats.


Main Street, Göcek, Turkey
The center of Göcek...


Distances & Travel Times

Antalya (inland route): 252 km (157 miles) E, 4.5 hours

Dalaman: 23 km (14 miles) W, 25 minutes

Fethiye: 30 km (19 miles) E, 30 minutes

Marmaris: 143 km (89 miles) W, 2.5 hours


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