Silifke & Taşucu Transport, Turkey

Last Updated on May 7, 2019

Because of their commercial importance, Adana and Mersin have good transport.


The two nearest airports to Silifke and Taşucu are Adana’s Şakirpaşa Airport and the Gazipaşa Airport between Alanya and Anamur.


Adana has the most active train station, and there are local trains along the coast to Mersin, from which you can take buses or minibuses to Silifke and Taşucu.


Although Taşucu is a traditional ferryboat port for Girne(Kyrenia) in Turkish Northern Cyprus, it can be quite difficult to get any information on whether ferries are operating, and if they are, when, and at what fare. Akgünler Denizcilik has schedules for these ferries, but all is in Turkish only. More…

You can try this ferry website. You might also look for ferries between Mersin and Girne.

Here’s TTP’s page on Turkey-Cyprus ferryboats.

Distances & Travel Times

Adana: 155 km (96 miles) NE, 2.75 hours

Alanya: 285 km (177 miles) W, 5.25 hours

Anamur: 160 km (100 miles) W, 3.5 hours

Ankara: 510 km (317 miles) NW, 8 hours

Antakya: 345 km (214 miles) SE, 5 hours

İskenderun: 277 km (172 miles) SE, 4.5 hours

Kızkalesi: 26 km (16 miles) NE, 25 minutes

Mersin: 100 km (62 miles) NE, 1.5 hours

Tarsus: 123 km (76 miles) E, 2 hours

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