Hotel Canada, Çıralı, Turkey

Last Updated on September 18, 2022

The pretty Hotel Canada in Çıralı, next to Olimpos on Turkey's Mediterranean coast southwest of Antalya, is a great place to unwind for a few days.

Canada Hotel just about perfectly encompasses the beauty and essence of Çıralı. Being a few minutes walk from the beach, it resides in a valley of Çıralı’s beautiful mountains. 

At Canada hotel, you have the option of staying in a room or a bungalow, both options greet you with character and rest. The rooms are cozy and the perfect space in which a couple can stay. Each bungalow is capable of holding a whole family and will give you the private and personal experience you deserve while staying in Çıralı. 

The grounds of the hotel are filled with fruit trees and beautiful flowers, each season bringing a new color. If you spend enough time in the gardens, you might even come across a chameleon or a hedgehog.

There are lots of hideaways, whether it be a hammock or garden seating. If you’re looking to swim but don’t want to leave the enchanting grounds of Canada hotel, they’ve brought the water to you with a pool and a hot tub, surrounded with lounge seating. 

When you are ready to go and explore the town, Canada Hotel has a collection of bicycles for you to use whenever you need. Eliminating the stress of thinking about transportation during your stay.

The service is impeccable, making you feel as if you’re “home- away from home”. Carrie and Şaban, the owners (she’s Canadian, he’s Turkish), welcome you and make sure that your stay will be comfortable. Breakfast is served every morning with a large spread made from fresh produce grown in the gardens or from local farms. 

It is absolutely necessary that you stay for dinner at the hotel, it is made with a level of excellence that is unmatched. With lots of options, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be pleased with your meal. 

If you’re looking for a getaway stay in Çıralı, Canada Hotel is exactly that. The history and stories this hotel holds add to its uniqueness, not to mention, the incredibly welcoming and helpful staff. Being a family run hotel, you will feel as if you are a part of their family by the end of your stay. 

Hotel Canada
Çıralı/OlimposAntalya, Turkey (map)

—by Tom Brosnahan

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