Handmade Turkish Carpets, Cappadocia

Last Updated on July 29, 2022

Turkey has been known historically as the centre of handcrafted carpet making.  Cappadocia specifically has a rich regional heritage of carpet making. Visiting Cappadocia’s Bazaar 54 carpet shop, is an excellent way to dive into the fascinating and beautiful world of Turkish carpet making. 


Unlike many carpet shop experiences- Bazaar 54 holds to a no pressure sales experience and focuses on bringing visitors into the process of how Turkish carpets are created.

You’ll start your experience at Bazaar 54 in the weaving room with an expert, explaining the process of how each carpet or in Turkish, "halı" is created. You’ll get to see first hand, how much time and skill it takes to make each rug, as well as meet a few of the local faces who take part in hand weaving the carpets.

Following this, you will be ushered into the silk room where you will get to see the process of refining silk cocoons into strands of silk for the weaving. 

Being able to understand the detail and precision that goes into each carpet, opens your mind to the intricacy of each masterpiece in Bazaar 54 's inventory. With multiple store rooms and halls filled with carpets ranging in sizes, styles, and materials, it is easy to get lost in the magic of Turkish carpets, especially when offered tea by the Bazaar 54's friendly staff. 

If you're interested in purchasing a carpet the Bazaar 54 offers a personal show room with a carpet expert, who will give you the intriguing history behind each different specialty rugs (kilims) or carpet as well as detailed information on the variety of styles for sale. 

What makes the Bazaar 54 so special is it's contribution to keeping carpet making local to the region. Cappadocia has been a key location for this ancient practice and Bazaar 54 supports the continuation of authentic Turkish carpet making by training local women in the practice. Carpet makers learn the trade for many years until they’re able to master the skill. After all, carpets are no small feat, in fact, many can take multiple years to complete. 

Bazaar 54 is more than just a carpet shop but rather a guided tour through the process and wonders of carpet making. Whether or not you plan on purchasing a Turkish carpet, its impossible to walk away disappointed from the experience you’ll have at Bazaar 54. 

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