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Last Updated on July 8, 2021


Who is Turkey Travel Planner?

Turkey Travel Planner is the leading website for travel recommendations and online trip planning in Turkey. With over 2 million  annual visitors, we pride ourselves in succesfully providing global travelers with key information, recommendations and local tips for their stay. Partnering with Turkey's best vendors in a variety of sectors (transportation,  lodging, activities, tours, and so much more), we take joy in creating mutually beneficial content both written and visual to show travelers the true excellence of each partner we have reviewed and accepted.


  1. Experience - Get into the field in a hands-on way, learn new and relevant skills while earning a valuable understanding of your own craft from the inside out.
  2. Mentorship - Work one on one with those already in the field. Get practical and honest feedback on your work and learn from witnessing others a few steps farther down the path.
  3. Community & Culture - We don't just do this for the views.. though we do get millions annually. Our CEO and staff have all experienced (and many have grown up) in this beautiful country of Turkey. A portion of your internship experience will be dedicated to working with crosscultural equipping to understand how to do global business and understand more of Turkey and its beautiful culture.


Why intern with us?

Like the ancient practice of Turkish ceramics, we believe that work, in its best form requires both skill and passion. At Turkey Travel Planner the foundation of our internship program is real-life experience. Wether you are planning on working in the travel sector, in marketing, SEO, videography or more, we are committed to creating an experience where you can refine both your skills and passions. The core pillars of our program are:


Hear from previous interns :

Poem Harrison Interned for Turkey Travel Planner for our fall 2020 session- hear a bit of her experience:

What positions are available and what would I do?



Marketing Internships

  • Email Marketing Intern : Follow up with leads from Formstack and send out monthly Newsletter, brainstorm creative ways to engage the audience through our email listing. Ideal intern has a background or knowledge of how to communicate within the customer service industry in a professional manner and is able to handle a high level of messaging as well as alert and work with staff on bigger marketing objectives such as our monthly newsletter. Helps to send out promotionals and important communications with partner vendors.


  • SEO Intern : Analyze our Top 100 pages and help brainstorm important shifts to maintain and build rankings- follow an average of 5 important pages weekly analyzing increases in traffic etc. Ideal candidate has a background in SEO or is highly motivated to learn. Is able to optimize keywords and help other interns become more SEO friendly in their own field.


  • Ads Intern : help us brainstorm and  run key ads to attract new Vendors and increase sales on vendor commission products. Ad potential ideas include giveaways, buy one get one experience opportunities and a variety of social media and web based promotionals. Will work with staff members to brainstorm and execute important ads objectives and drive organic engagement through promotionals. 

Creative Internships

  • Graphic Design Intern – Work in close relationship with our Social media and marketing Interns to create visually effective promotional and informational graphics : Youtube headlines, Instagram story visuals, web Page graphics etc.
  • Video Editor Intern  – Work with our staff videographers to process through our existing database of videos and edit a variety of videos ranging from tiktok style shorts to extended vlogs and promotional/more professional shorts highlighting different regions, restaurants, hotels and experiences in Turkey. Ideal candidate is familiar with Premiere Pro, highly cooperative with staff videographers and able to work independently without micromanagement to get the job done in a timely manner.
  • Copywriter Intern – Help us show the world Turkey. Words are a powerful communicator and have been the cornerstone of our site for the entirety of its existence. The ideal candidate is a gifted and efficient writer able to transition between topics and styles of writing effectively. This intern will be responsible for working in partnership with our staff to update old pages and create new page ideas to engage and keep the site relevant.



Admin Internships

  • Organizational Intern : Update our relevant spreadsheets and help organize Trello. Ideal candidate is a quick learner and able to assist in a variety of tasks to streamline administrative processes for the company such as : digging through the site to find content that needs to be updated, organizing our master list of pages needing to be updated and keeping our trello boards in an organized manner, helping to also research alternative systems of communication and keep up with our formstack and google analytics. 


Social Media Internships

  • Social Media Intern : Pinterest – plan out content for pinterest, search through existing pages to find “pinnable material”. Help run pinterest ads and create organic growth on our pinterest site and link back to youtube channel to increase views and to site to increase views and promote Turkey as a key travel destination. 5-10 hours weekly minimum. Must be 18+, have experience using pinterest, open to learning more about social media strategies and willing to agree to a 6 month commitment. 


  • Social Media Intern : Instagram – Help us grow our following through posting regular reels, promotional photos and videos with engaging captions. Learn what hashtags are relevant and incorporate them- continue to develop a cohesive visual and manage potential “giveaways”and dms from followers. Ideal candidate is highly self motivated and skilled in ideation and implementation. Open to learn more about Instagram growth strategies and recognizes the value of social media in establishing a strong brand presence. Works in close relation with our creative team and incorporates engaging stories. 
  • Social Media Intern : Facebook – Aid in updating our current facebook group by monitoring and accepting member requests. Manage and review any spam content. Publish recent material (youtube videos, relevant pages and important announcements to BOTH our facebook page and group. Respond to questions aimed at TTP and any major facebook messages.


  • Social Media Intern : TikTok – Assist in the development of TTP’s existing Tik Tok account by regularly planning and  publishing a minimum of three TikTok’s weekly to our account. Stay up to date with trending sounds to increase tik tok viewing and respond to followers often. Open to create original content: Turkish lessons, food recipes, and cultural tips. Ideal candidate is skilled in brainstorming and able to create engaging content and publish it in a timely manner.


  • Social Media Intern : YouTube – Work with our staff to optimize previously created videos with effective Titles relating to trending keywords and optimizing the description with relative pages. Post on our Youtube Shorts reels and Tik Toks as well as original videos. Ideal candidate is familiar or open to learning more about Youtube growth strategies and has a passion for creating memorable content.



  • Trainule on SEO and WordPress
  • For creatives a trainule on digital communication 
  • Crash course Trainule on Turkish Culture
  • Weekly meetings as a group
  • Bi weekly meeting with assigned supervisor to assess progress
  • Real life experience with Turkey’s #1 Travel Website 
  • Increase potential for acceptance in next summer’s in-person internship with in person experience with Turkey’s best hotels, activities and business individuals in tourism.

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