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Last Updated on April 25, 2019

Obviously I enjoy travel in Turkey, but I can say for sure that Egypt is one of those places everyone should visit in this lifetime.

I didn’t always think this. I knew little about Egypt before Editions Berlitz asked me to write a pocket guidebook to the country. I studied Egypt’s history, I learned about the modern country, I went there and did my research, and I came to the conclusion that everyone who wants to consider themselves well-traveled and acquainted with the world must see Egypt.

The pyramids at Giza, the temples along the Nile, the breathtakingly beautiful art, architecture and cultureof this ancient-modern country are like no other.

Not only that, I found the Egyptians to be among the most friendly people I had ever met.

It’s possible to visit Turkey and Egypt on a single trip, seeing the major sights and enjoying the culture, cuisine and people in both countries in as little as two weeks. My friend Mr Omar Zaher of Travel in Style, Inc.specializes in planning exactly this sort of trip.

Turkish Airlines and Egyptair both have nonstop flights between Istanbul and Cairo that take a little over two hours.

You can have lunch on the Bosphorus and dinner on the Nile.

A typical Turkey-and-Egypt itinerary would include:




—Cairo & Alexandria

Nile Cruise: Luxor to Aswan

Of course, anything is possible when you plan your own trip with Travel in Style. You could extend your stay to include some time at a beach resort on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, or at Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheik beach and diver’s paradise.

You can even follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones, adding a visit to the ruins of Petra in Jordan to your Turkey and Egypt itinerary. More…

For full information, contact my friend Mr Omar Zaher at Travel in Style, Inc.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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