Odunpazarı Modern Museum (OMM)

Last Updated on January 12, 2024

 Odunpazari Modern Museum is located in Eskişehir and is a must-see destination in the city. 


Odunpazarı Modern Museum (Odunpazarı Modern Müzesi) is one of the most beautiful museums in Turkey with its unique design that blends with the surrounding area. This museum, which was opened in 2019, was designed by evaluating the civil architecture of Odunpazarı, the Ottoman dome architecture, and traditional Japanese architecture together. The world-famous Japanese firm, which also designed the museum, acts with the philosophy of “blending nature and architecture in a way that creates a strong bond between the 'building' and the 'location' it is located in. 

Every detail has been carefully considered in the construction of this museum, and even the pine trees used in the museum have been selected from those that have expired from sustainable and industrial pine forests in Russia. In this way, OMM has been transformed into a structure that impresses you not only during the day but also at night.


This museum has become a public gathering space as it represents both modernity and tradition. This place is much more than a museum. Apart from the exhibition areas inside, there is a cafe where delicious coffee is served, a colorful shop that is very different from the museum shops you are used to, and where there are very interesting products produced by incredible artists, and lastly, there are workshop areas.


Outdoor OMM Cinema events are held on the terrace in the summer. OMM Children's Academy organizes workshops for children and young people on a regular basis, strengthening their relationship with art and aiming to expand their creativity and vision. OMM has the aim of teaching the rules of visiting museums and preserving cultural heritage while giving young people and children the opportunity to explore their sense of wonder.

In addition, OMM organizes educational programs. It offers the opportunity to better understand the exhibition, artists, and works with guided tours. They invite artists to the museum and organize artist meetings, workshops, and seminars.


OMM is a place that attaches great importance to sustainability. Based on how the pandemic has affected our perception of nature, they have adopted a sustainable understanding of art. In this direction, they primarily aim to raise awareness through educational programs and draw attention to waste use and recycling in pieces of training. They don't use plastic in the cafes, and they use recyclable packaging methods in the museum. Most importantly, they do not use any animal products at OMM Cafe and serve as a completely plant-based kitchen.

Visiting Information

You can access the museum's visiting hours and ticket prices on this site. It should be noted that everything has been thought of in the museum so that the disabled can visit the exhibitions comfortably. They can reach the floors by elevator and can visit the museum with voice navigation from the mobile application of the museum and benefit from the voice description feature.

It should be noted that tickets can be purchased at the ticket office by paying with Turkish Lira, credit or debit card.


All works of art whose photographs you see in this article belong to the "Grief and Pleasure" exhibition. In this exhibition, works by 38 artists, in which various feelings about being human, are displayed in the same body, in contradictory states. You can check the exhibits here.


Eskişehir can be easily reached from both Istanbul and Ankara. You can use the high-speed train: From Istanbul Söğütlüçeşme it takes three hours and from Ankara YHT Station it takes 1.5 hours. You can walk to the museum from Eskişehir train station, it takes 30 min on foot. 

You can take a taxi as well; it will take 6 mins. You can reach this museum by walking from anywhere: from Porsuk Çayı it will take 22 minutes and from Hamamyolu Caddesi it will take 13 minutes. If you would like to use public transportation, you can take the tram and get off at the Atatürk Lisesi tram stop and walk for a few minutes. If you take the bus, get off at Odunpazarı bus stop. You can check here for further information.


If you will be staying over in Eskişehir, you can choose OMM INN. This hotel is a place where modernism blends with the civil texture of the wood market, as in the museum. There are various room types that you can choose according to your expectations, and the hotel also has a restaurant where animal products are not served. For reservations and more information, you can check here.

—by Melike Kocaer

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