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Last Updated on April 19, 2019

Living With Kilims by Alastair Hull, Nicholas Barnard (Contributor) “This richly illustrated volume is a lovely addition to a library, and as well provides good practical information about how kilims in various guises can be used and displayed to their best advantage. The emphasis is on USING and LIVING with kilims, not as works of art or museum pieces. The first chapter is a useful history of the origins of kilims, the second on the materials and techniques used in making them, and the third about recognising and identifying different types of kilims, including motifs and symbols and characteristics of kilims from the main areas of production…”

A Foreshadowing of 21st Century Art :… The Color and Geometry of Very Early Turkish Carpets (Center for Environmental Structure, Vol 7) by Christopher Alexander “Christopher Alexander owns what many now believe to be the finest collection of early Turkish carpets in the western world, with perhaps half being the only specimens of their kind anywhere. In this richly illustrated, oversized volume–featuring four hundred illustrations, eighty in full color–Alexander takes readers on an engaging tour of his fabulous collection. ”

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Antique Kilims of Anatolia by Peter Davies, Murray Jr. Eiland, Michael Buddeberg “The authoritative account of the acclaimed and collectible kilims, the tribal flatwoven rugs of Turkey. From fleece, yarn, dyeing, looms, and weaves, to the visual language, tribal weavers, and meaning, origins, and aesthetics of the kilim, this book provides an ideal summary of the subject. It is illustrated with over 80 colorful examples, fine ethnographic photographs, and drawings that explain structural features and designs. 80 color and 70 black-and-white illustrations.
About the Author :Peter Davies’s Turkana Gallery specializes in kilims. He lives in New York City.

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