Lonely Planet Turkey Guide

Last Updated on April 19, 2019

Lonely Planet Turkey
9th edition, April 2005, 692 pages, 112 maps, color photos, £15.99, US$25.99

Lonely Planet Turkey is simply packed with information and guidance. It strives to be comprehensive without being encyclopedic (who wants to carry an encyclopedia on a trip?)

Of course I have a sentimental attachment to this guide because I was the author of the original edition (1985) and in charge of its revision through the 7th edition (March 2001), but I’m now quite happy not to be (here’s why).

Revision duties are presently in the hands of my friend and longtime co-author (5th, 6th and 7th editions) Pat Yale, and several other writers appointed by Lonely Planet.

The guide has gotten physically more attractive over the years, but—surprisingly—it is also shorter than in some editions (the 5th had 745 pages, 6th had 816 pages). More space has been given to background information and boxed text, while “on-the-road” information such as individual descriptions of places to stay and eat has been reduced. (Compare this to the Frommer’s approach of a paragraph-long description for each establishment.)

If you’re going to Turkey to wander for weeks with no planned itinerary, Lonely Planet Turkey will be your constant companion and guide, and a very good one indeed.

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