Sydney Mallard

Last Updated on January 17, 2024

Sydney weaves narratives through freelance journalism and photography. As an advocate for ethical journalism and responsible photography, she believes in the responsibility that comes with her craft, striving to tell stories that not only inform but also create understanding and connection among people from diverse nations. Producing content that serves as a bridge between cultures, she aims to create a more informed, appreciated, and interconnected world.

She is originally from the US but has made Antalya her home since 2022. Sydney was first drawn to Turkey because of her interest in the deep historical roots and rich culture represented by the many ethnic groups in this region. She wanted to understand Turkey as it exists, and through its people, rather than through the lens of the media. After the earthquake in 2023, Sydney began making regular trips to Hatay to assist with humanitarian efforts. She has documented her experience on her site: www.thefacesof.org.

You can find Sydney's poetry published in The Stockholm Review of Literature. She works as a content creator for Turkey Travel Planner, highlighting the unique and exciting experiences that Turkey has to offer.

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