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12 Nights, 13 Days: Culture, Cruising, Archaeology, Hiking!

The name of Ephesus will always be connected with the Christian revolution which swept across the region in the first few centuries following Jesus’s death. Paul, his disciple, preached here a number of times and stayed in the town from 55 to 58 AD. In spite of the power of the priests of Artemis, the apostle succeeded in converting many members of the Greek and Jewish communities. John, another disciple, visited the city with Jesus’s mother, Mary, after the beheading of her second son James. John is also reputed to have written his Gospel here at that time.

In addition to its great significance in Christianity, Ephesus stands as one of the world’s best example of Greco-Roman antiquity. It is a complete city with theatres, gymnasium, agora, baths, temple, library, marble streets, odeon, brothel and many other splendid buildings.

Gulet yacht cruising is the perfect way to enjoy the natural and historic beauty of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. Spend the day cruising under blue skies and warm sun, dropping anchor in a secluded inlet ringed with spreading umbrella pines to plunge into sapphire blue waters, hike to ancient Lydae.

In the evening, feast on Turkish delicacies and, while the moon rises over a calm sea, sip Turkish wine and let your thoughts wander.

After a morning swim, you weigh anchor and set sail for Kekova Bay’s drowned cities, Lycian tombs and Byzantine castle. Cruising on a gulet is more than a get-away—it’s a journey of discovery: of nature, the past and yourself….

In Antalya we visit Aspendos, which boasts the largest theater in Asia Minor and an acropolis, including basilica and nympheum, both 16 meters high. Perge, the great Pamphylian trading city founded about 1000 BC, has ruins of a theater seating 14,000, originally built by the Greeks.

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