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Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Tours of You - Best Ephesus Travel Agency

Traveling to a country like Turkey, with its rich history and unique culture that is a reflection of the diverse mix of cultures that have inhabited these lands, is fascinating for novice and experienced travelers alike. Walking among ancient ruins, such as those found in Ephesus, you share the same path as rulers of long ago. Without a tour guide, you miss out on the interesting facts and stories about the ancient relics and the thousands of years of history that surround you.

Tours of You offers visitors the unique opportunity to make the most of their travels by booking a tour with an experienced and informative guide.

Types of Tours

Turkey stretches nearly 1,000 miles from East to West. With so many regions to explore, you want to make sure that you see the sights that interest you the most and fit within your time frame.

Daily Tours

Daily tours are the best option for tourists who are limited on time or prefer to have a mix of guided and self-guided tours. Visiting multiple sights in one day is the most efficient option for anyone on a budget or wanting to save time.

Aegean Daily Tours

The Aegean region of Turkey is found in the west of Turkey. Tours of You offers multiple tours, depending on which sites you want to visit

  • Pamukkale & Hierapolis
  • Pergamum (Bergama)
  • Aphrodisias
  • Ephesus
  • Izmir (Smyrna)
  • Laodicea
  • And much more!

They have multiple tours for many of the destinations, depending on your interest. For example, when visiting Ephesus, you have the choice of the Best of Ephesus Tour, Cultural Ephesus Tour, & Archeological Ephesus Tour. Each features a different aspect of Ephesus and ranges from 4-6 hours. You also have the option to create a customized tour to create a unique combination of sights that caters to your interests.

Cappadocia Daily Tours

You may already be familiar with the iconic scene of hot air balloons floating over sand-colored fairy chimneys and hotels with traditionally decorated balconies with the colors of Anatolia. Cappadocia is one of the top sights for tourists in Turkey, and rightfully so. The magical panoramic views are other-worldly. Join Tours of You on one of their tours including:

  • Magical Cappadocia (Red Valley & the Goreme Open Air Museum & more)
  • Values of Cappadocia (Kaymakli Underground City, Zelve Open Air Museum & more)
  • Ihlara Canyon Tour (Ihlara Canyon, Belisirma Village, and more)

Istanbul Daily Tours

Istanbul, the city where East meets West, is packed with the top destinations of Turkey. Taking a daily tour with a licensed and experienced guide is the best way to go. There are three available tours to choose from:

  • Highlights of Istanbul (Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, Spice Market, and more)
  • Bosphorous & Dolmabahce Palace
  • Istanbul, a Blend of Old & New (Taksim Square, Galata Tower, Grand Bazaar, and more)

Package Tours

For travelers with more time to experience Turkey, there are 7 regional tours available, ranging from 3 days to 2 weeks long. Whether you want to spend more time in one region or book a tour that covers multiple regional destinations, Tours of You has tours to suit you.

  • Istanbul (3 days)
  • Cappadocia (3 days)
  • Popular Destinations (3 days)
  • Taste of Turkey (6 days)
  • Turkey Express (8 days)
  • Silver Package (12 days)
  • Platinum Package (14 day multi-region tour of Turkey)

Fill out the form below to book a customized tour that fits your time, budget, and interests.

Biblical Tours

There are three different tours focusing on the Biblical history:

  • Seven Churches of Revelation in Asia Minor
  • Seven Churches & Istanbul
  • Biblical Anatolia

Learn about the journeys of St. Paul and visit churches from the Bible located in Asia Minor.

Special Interest Tours


The wedding department arranges all the paperwork and takes care of the planning so couples can experience this special moment in their lives without any of the worry or stress. They are also able to arrange photographers, camera operators, and any other requested services to help you make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What’s Included

All tours include transportation by a non-smoking private vehicle, travel insurance, entrance & parking fees, and the invaluable expertise of a professional licensed tour guide.

Services excluded are personal expenses, food & drinks, tips, and tax.

Tours of You brings over 25 years of experience in traveling throughout Turkey to share the unique sights of Turkey with travelers. All their drivers, guides, and vehicles are licensed so you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.

Meet the Team

Rabia Öznalbant

Rabia has been working as a tour guide in Turkey since 2006. She was born in Kuşadası, where she still resides with her son. she got started in the tourism industry after high school after having the desire to improve her English skills. She studied Travel Agency Management at Mersin University, then later studied at Ege University to obtain her license. 

Since then, Rabia has worked for several different tour companies—Nomad Tour (3 years), Julian-Airtours (7 years), Dos Plumas Tours (8+ years), and she has also worked for Sojourn Travel. She has taken classes on Biblical Turkey as well as Jewish heritage in the Aegean region.

When you choose Rabia as your tour guide, you know that you’re getting experienced help from someone who not only knows the history of famous landmarks but who also knows all the little secrets that can make any trip so much more enjoyable! 

She makes sure to customize the tour to guests’ interest and provide them with as much information as they would like, and ensures they feel free to discover all the wonders of Ephesus at their own pace.

Arzu Altun

I have been working as a tour guide for 12 years all over Turkey but mainly around the Aegean area. I am originally from Kuşadası but my family  is from Bulgaria and the Island of  Crete which gives me a unique perspective on different cultures. As a native of the region here I feel very lucky to live in Kusadasi, which is a beautiful coastal town next to Ephesus. My proximity to this region has given me a deeper interest in ancient civilizations, their way of life, and their influence on culture and religion today. 

After graduating from Balıkesir University, I began working as a professional tour guide for several travel agencies both in the Ephesus region and all over Turkey.I have a great passion to tell the stories that make up the rich history of Anatolia. I feel as though guiding is more than just a job for me, it allows me to share my love of my culture and country with many people. I am excited to welcome our guests from all around the world and to introduce the unique and diverse history of Turkish culture, arts, traditions and more.

Mithat Nohut

As a full-time tour guide for many years, Mithat has helped both local and international tourists alike to discover the diverse history and culture of Turkey.

His background in art has given him the creativity and expertise that makes him an insightful guide. He was born in Antakya (Antioch on Orontes), a pioneering melting pot in terms of culture, archeology, and religion.  He began his artistic life with music studies at a very young age, followed by painting and sculpture during university, before finally expanding into performance art.

With a long and rich background in both art and tourism, his work has led him to expand his repertoire of skills in many areas, including capacity building for tangible and intangible cultural heritages, religious tourism, nature tourism, and food tourism.

He enjoys integrating his artistic and creative ideas and presenting different perspectives to his guests by making connections between past and current life. 

Visitors to Turkey benefit from Mithat’s deep passion for sharing the rich cultural and historical heritage of Turkey as well as his insights on traveling in Turkey.

Cengiz Ildir


My name is Cengiz Ildir. I have been a nation-wide tour guide since 2007. I have specialized training in Early Christianity (Seven Church Tours) and Jewish Culture in İzmir. I specialize in Western Turkey Tours, but I also lead tours in Cappadocia, Ankara, and Antalya.

I have a bachelor's degree in teaching English as a second language and an Associate's degree in French language and literature. I like taking pictures, reading books, and watching and participating in winter sports. I volunteered twice in the summer and winter university olympic games in 2005 in İzmir and 2011 in Erzurum. 

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