Greek Islands Ferries

Last Updated on July 22, 2022

There are frequent ferries in summer between Turkey and the Greek islands of Lesvos (Mytileni), ChiosSamosKos and RhodesMore...

There are no direct ferries between Athens and Turkey (including Istanbul). You must travel to one of the islands near the Turkish coast, then transfer to a Greek island—Turkish coast ferry.

But how do you get to those Greek islands from other points in Greece? Or how do you get from Turkey to other Greek islands (such as MykonosParosSantoriniCrete, etc), Athens (Piraeus) and Thessaloniki?

Here's a schematic map of all ferry routes.

Here's all the information: dates, times, fares, reservations.

Although I lived for a summer in Lindos on Rhodes many years ago, I don't stay up-to-date on Greek islands ferries—I'm a Turkey expert, not a Greece expert. So if you have questions not answered here, you should ask the experts at Anker Travel.

They can help with schedules, fares and reservationsfor ferries between Greece and Turkeywithin Greeceitself, and between Italy, Greece and Turkey.

Anker Travel can also reserve your place on tours and cruises, and make hotel, rental car and flight reservations for your travels in Greece as well as in Turkey. More...

Here's information on Travel in Greece.

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