Turkish Carpets: Unique Regions of Origin

Last Updated on June 26, 2019

No two Turkish carpets are the exact same. Each carpet is handmade and tells a different story. Often, different variations in colors, patterns, shapes, and designs will tell a lot about the region in which the rug came from and the culture that surrounds it.


Dosemealti rugs are woven by nomads in the southwestern Anatolian region. These rugs are identified by their highly geometric shapes and bold designs. They also incorporate shades of bright red, blue, and white. Often crosses can be seen on Dosemealti rugs, as well as a bold red figure in the center with wide borders surrounding.


Hereke carpets are the most sought after Turkish rugs due to their elaborate designs and materials (wool OR silk). These rugs feature floral designs, with neutral shades of red, green, blue, and yellow in a repeating pattern, and have the highest knot density of Turkish rugs.


Taspinar carpets originated in the central Anatolian region and are known for their high-quality wool. The rugs boast bold colors in shades of red and blue with subtle tones of white and green. In these rugs, you will find a variety of geometric patterns and floral designs to create a breathtaking carpet.


Kayseri carpets also originated in the central Anatolian region and have been known to be among the finest Turkish rugs for centuries. Kayseri rugs are made primarily of wool on cotton and feature elaborate floral designs. These amazing rugs are also not limited in their range of colors, floral patterns, and corner work. 

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