Turkish Gulet Food and Meal Options

Food on Turkish gulets ranges in price based on the chosen quality and menu. Generally, better food means better memories.

Food is one of the most important aspects of your gulet experience. The food you eat during your time spent cruising becomes some of the clearest memories from your trip. Because it is so important, it is necessary to choose the best menu to meet the needs and desires of you and your party.

Food options for a cruising trip on a Turkish gulet range based on price and the gulet option chosen. Because of this, nearly every gulet has a different food policy with different menus.

Many of the prices for gulets are suggested weekly, with a range of four levels of food service. The lowest cost menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner; the second menu includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tea and coffee services; and the top two options include a much more elaborate (and often enjoyable) menu.

The lowest cost menu is generally ordered by (and often recommended for) students, student groups, or backpackers with a smaller overall travel budget. With the increase in budget comes more delicate and higher quality meals and beverages.

Lunch often includes a lighter meal, while dinner often consists of more chicken and basic seafood. The upper-level menus include more expensive seafood options and higher quality meats (like lamb).

Choose the menu that best supports your budget, however, if your budget allows, choose a less expensive gulet option with a higher quality meal option. You won’t remember the size or extravagance of your cabin, but you’ll never forget the meals you ate during your cruise.

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