What is Turkey Like in 2021?

Last Updated on September 13, 2021

Making travel plans seems like one of the greatest challenges in 2021. After all the chaos we’ve experienced with canceled trips, PCR tests, and very strict restrictions, just planning a vacation has become very stressful and full of worst-case scenarios. Fortunately, you can finally avoid all of this if you are planning to visit Turkey during the 2021 touristic season because Turkey is finally back to normal or we should say is discovering the new normal.

At the beginning of June 2021 after very strict isolation, Turkey’s government has decided that it is time to get back to normal and provide a unique and safe traveling experience for its visitors. The country has gone through three phases to be completely free of any restrictions. Now you can enjoy Turkey as it was before, with its beautiful lively streets. Everything has re-opened, including restaurants, cafes, clubs, beaches, pools, spas, gyms, and the famous Turkish baths. There is no curfew time and you can get rid of your masks as long as you are in open areas. 

Turkey is also following a covid related tracking system that obligates Turkish citizens, residence permit holders and tourists to have a QR code called the HES code that indicates if the person is at risk. The code gets its information from the person’s health record. If someone gets a positive PCR test, the code would show them as at risk and set a 14 days quarantine period for them and the people living with them. This QR code is used to enter malls, restaurants, etc. It is also used to activate your public transportation card. Without the code, you will not be allowed to enter many places or use any public transportation. You can easily get the code from a mobile application called “Hayat Eve Sığar” or via an SMS to 2023 following these steps.

If we take a look at the numbers, Turkey has reached more than 84M of total given doses and 40.4% of its population are fully vaccinated. Concerning the entry requirements to Turkey, travelers have to show a negative PCR test and complete an online form within 72 hours of travel. Only travelers from Bangladesh, Brazil, South Africa, Nepal and Sri Lanka are banned from entering Turkey until further notice.

By following these simple requirements, you are ready for an amazing vacation in Turkey. Taking a break, seeing the world from the plane’s window, and forgetting about the 2020 epidemic seems like a perfect plan. Turkey is a beautiful place with something special for everyone to discover. Once you visit it, you will fall in love with its rich culture, and the diversity things to see and do.

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