What To Eat in Eskişehir

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In Eskişehir, you can both experience delicious things unique to Eskişehir and find other flavors that appeal to you. There is only one thing that is important: No matter what you eat in this city, you will leave happy. However, the first dishes that come to mind when it comes to local tastes in Eskişehir are çibörek, balaban kebap, boza, and met helva.


Çibörek is a kind of pastry originally belonging to Tatar cuisine. This pastry is very famous, especially in Eskişehir. Meat or cheese options are available. When you go to Eskişehir, you should eat çibörek at breakfast or lunch. Kırım Tatar Kültür Çi Börek Evi or Arasta Kırım Tatar Çibörek Evi are some of the best places to try it.

Turkish Çi Böreği
Turkish kebab

Balaban Kebap

For Balaban Kebab, one of the most recommended places is Fabrettin Usta Kebap Salonu, where the meat is cooked with iron (not kidding). Other famous restaurants are Abdüsselam Balaban Kebap Salonu and Es Balaban Kebap.


Boza is one of the oldest Turkish drinks. It is a winter drink produced from millet semolina, water, and sugar and frequently consumed since the Ottoman period.

Boza should be tried in Karakedi Bozacısı in Köprübaşı. It is classic for locals to drink boza when they pass this store.

irmik helvası

Met Helvası

Halva is a common dessert not only in Turkey but also in the Balkan countries and many Middle Eastern countries. Flour halva, semolina halva, and tahini halva are especially common in Turkish cuisine, and the basic ingredients of halva are flour or semolina, oil, sugar, milk, and cream.

Met helvası is a kind of traditional dessert in Eskişehir. You can try it in Tanınmış Helvacı.


Pino is the most famous burger place and is the favorite of local people. Another one is Gorill Burger House.


There are some great coffee shops in Eskişehir as well. The first one is Hey Joe Coffee Co. Nearby the Porsuk Çayı, there are many coffee shops, you can choose Mountain, Macbear, or Kahve Dünyası.

In the Sümer district, you can have tasty coffee at Ordinarius Coffee, 278 Coffee, and Walker’s.


Doyuran Kahvaltı Salonu is the most famous breakfast place in the city. If you would like to try traditional Turkish breakfast while you are in Eskişehir, this is the right restaurant for you.

Bars & Pubs

Since Eskişehir is also a student city, the nightlife is very active. The pubs and bars are always full. Cafe del Mundo, Varuna Memphis Pub, SPR Pub, Museum Pub, Dudes, Social, Manhattan Premium Hangover, Pivot, Barikat, Dali, and Drunken Pub are the best pubs where you can enjoy your night and have lots of fun.

Varuna Gezgin Cafe del Mundo is especially special because of its story. A former math teacher and his wife quit their jobs and started traveling around the world. He has completed his journey by traveling to every country in the world and sharing the items he collected throughout his travels in these cafes. There are Varuna Gezgin Cafes in different cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and Antalya as well but this Varuna Gezgin Café del Mundo in Eskişehir is definitely worth seeing because this was the first café they established. You can enjoy your meal and try beers and wines here.

börek and tea in eskişehir turkey
sculptures in Cassaba Modern, Eskişehir, Turkey.

Cassaba Modern Eskişehir

This is an incredibly enjoyable place with so many restaurants in it. At the same time, huge colorful works of art welcome you. There are many types of restaurants that serve food from different cultures inside, as well as bars where you can have fun at night, and even a bowling center. The restaurants we can recommend here are innumerable, but there is one place that stands out in particular: Casa Della Pasta. Casa Della Pasta is the first restaurant in Eskişehir which makes handmade delicious pasta in a parmesan wheel. You will have one of the best pasta experiences and be shocked by its taste. They keep adding new flavors to their menu but every one of them is more delicious than the other.

You can have sushi at SushiCo, delicious Italian pizza at Pizza Il Forno, have a beer in Café Del Mundo, enjoy your wine at Abra, and the list goes on.


-    By Melike Kocaer

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