Alanya Castle & Cable Car 

Last Updated on June 27, 2023

Alanya Castle & Cable Car 

Considered to be one of the symbols of Alanya, The Castle of Alanya is among the top worth visiting places of Alanya. This castle was home to various civilizations in the past. The castle's walls stretch 6.5 km (4 miles) in length, making it an incredible piece of architecture. It is so well preserved that you can see the entire walls of the castle, surrounding the half-island. Especially at night, when the walls are illuminated, the view is unforgettable.

According to local myths, it was said that if any prisoner would be able to throw a stone into the water from the castle, they would be freed. But none of them ever managed to succeed.

How to get there?

One of the most popular and preferred ways to get there is by Cable Car. Being not only fast but also fun, the cable car gives you an incredible view of the city and beach stretching underneath your feet.

Another option is going on foot or by car. On foot will take you much longer, but if you like to hike and walk, this can be a nice option too. 

There are parking lots at the entrance of the castle, so you can also easily go by car and park there.


Alanya Castle

What is there to see?

After reaching the top by cable car, you will immediately have an incredible view of the city of Alanya. They built paths and stairs for you to get easily to the top. It is beautiful to walk through the old streets and houses, really giving an authentic atmosphere.  

Alanya Castle

There are also little cafes to have refreshing drinks. Apart from that, you can also find local shops, where you can buy souvenirs. As you keep climbing up, you will find maps, making it easy to navigate. 

To enter the castle, you will need to buy a ticket at the entrance. You can either buy a Museum Card, which you can use at other historical places, or you can buy a one-pass ticket. For updated ticket prices and more information, visit their official website

After entering the paid part of the castle, you will be able to have a deeper look into the architectural structure of the castle, where you can find explanations of how it was built and utilized in the past. At the top of the castle, you can see the entire view of Alanya, including the endless beach with its azure water which makes for a perfect backdrop.

I would recommend not visiting the castle during the hottest time of the day if you go in the summertime as the high temperatures would make for a less pleasant visit. So, choose an hour when the sun slowly starts to set, and the temperature drops a bit. You will not only enjoy it more but also have a much more beautiful view. 


Nearby Attractions

You can easily combine your visit to the castle with other things to do nearby. As they all lay quite close to one another, it can be a nice day planning to engage yourself in a historical day tour. You can combine your trip with other sights such as the Red Tower, Shipyard, Tophane neighborhood, and the Damlataş Cave. These sights make for quick visits, making it easy to see multiple attractions in the same day. To learn more about these places, visit our other pages, and enjoy your time in Alanya!


-Julide Koca

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