Julide Koca

Last Updated on July 30, 2022

Julide is an American Culture and Literature student at Istanbul University, where she discovered her great passion for writing and sharing her stories with people from all around the world. She also recently completed her Associates degree in Radio and Television programming. She focused on Documentary and Filmmaking, and is willing to pursue a career more in the visual arts and photography.. Not only is her camera her biggest inspiration, but capturing moments, creating memories and getting to know new cultures has become a lifestyle for her.

Being half Belgian and half Turkish enabled her to experience two totally different cultures in its fullest. After being born in Belgium and living in Switzerland, her path crossed with Turkey. Since then she had the opportunity to travel all around Turkey, which has made her fall in love with this endlessly beautiful country. Moreover, thanks to the different countries she lived in, she can speak Flemish, French, Turkish and English.

Julide also works as a Media and Communication officer for her university’s Entrepreneurship Club, where she is in charge of photography, videography and graphic designing. Apart from these, she has a great passion for cooking and baking. She believes that to fully grasp and experience a certain culture, one also has to dig into its cuisine. As history and culture isn’t only hidden in architecture, but also in food and local kitchens. That is why she enjoys trying and testing new recipes from all around the world, as well as writing and sharing her reviews.

While living in Adana, she has volunteered for “Anything for a Smile” and “Safe Haven” for refugees, an organization that helps children and families fleeing war who end up in Turkey. Thanks to being part of this volunteering organization she had the opportunity to form close relationships with people who were desperately hopeless towards life, understanding that for those people, simply knowing that they are loved and cared for by someone is enough to keep them going on with life.

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