How to Get to Suluada

Last Updated on August 31, 2022

How to Get to Suluada, Turkey from Antalya

Suluada is a beautiful island located off the Mediterranean coast of Southern Turkey.  You may be wondering how to get to Suluada. In this article, we’ll talk about the best ways to travel from Antalya to Adrasan and finally to the island of Suluada. 

All boats going to Suluada depart from the town of Adrasan, so you have to get there before being able to get to Suluada. You have various options to get from Antalya to Adrasan. You can either go by car, bus, or take a private transfer.

Antalya to Adrasan by Car

Those deciding to come by car can easily find a parking spot at the coast of Adrasan, where all boats depart. If you pick this option you will only have to pay for the boat trip, whereas the other two options cost slightly more due to the transportation in between. Keep in mind that the boats depart around 10 am, so make sure you are on time there. You wouldn't want to miss your boat. If you don’t feel comfortable driving a rental car, it’s also possible to hire a car and driver.

Antalya to Adrasan by Bus

If you want to go by yourself by bus, you can buy a ticket at the otogar (bus terminal) of Antalya, or you can jump on buses that are leaving to Kemer. Those buses have specific hours. They only pass once an hour, so if you miss it you will have to wait for the next one. As you have to catch the boats before they leave at 10 am, you might be in a bit of a hurry, in order not to miss it. So I would recommend taking a tour, by which you won't have to worry about all these things. Also, you will have a much more relaxed trip, as they even drop you off at your location. The price difference isn’t much, as you might have to do a taxi transfer once you reach Adrasan, as not every bus goes to the coast.

Tours to Adrasan

You have various options when picking a tour, among which the price also differs. You need to sign up at least one day before you decide to take the trip, as the tour arranges the itinerary and finds the best location to pick you up in the morning before leaving for Adrasan. The road trip takes about 80-90 minutes, which is why they pick you quite early in the morning, around 7 or 7:300 am. After picking you up, they give you a little information about when and where they are going to have a rest stop. The first stop is at a place where you can have a nice breakfast and fill your stomach before the boat trip. Usually they give you 1 hour there, and then continue with the journey. Once you reach Adrasan, the bus stops at the parking lot, from which you have to walk around 400 m to reach the boat. Then the boat trip starts!

What Will I See on the Suluada Boat Tour?

Usually, all the boat trips including Suluada follow a similar itinerary. The things that are included in the price are shuttle transportation, lunch, tea, and fruit.

Now, let’s come to the boat trip. First, you depart from the beach of Adrasan, and then head on to the first stop. In total, they go to 4 different locations, which makes it an exciting trip. 

The first stop was the Amerikan Koyu (American Cove), where they stopped for about 1 hour, and gave you time to swim and enjoy the beautiful blue water. After that the lunch was ready so we ate our delicious meal. They usually have two options, you can either have fish or schnitzel. The tour guide comes and asks you at the beginning of the trip which one you would prefer. You get a plate with the meat you chose, pasta, a potato salad, and coleslaw. 

After finishing your meal, they head on to the next stop, Suluada, the most awaited spot. The moment you arrive there you are stunned by its clear light blue water, and white sand. There they allow you to spend about 1 hour too. During peak season, it can be crowded but was still worth the experience.  Towards the end of that hour, they call you back to the boat and serve tea.

Then they stop at the back of Suluada, where there is a drinkable water source flowing through the rocks. This water is believed to be healing, and most people would bring their water bottles and fill them. There they also stop for about an hour and then move on.

Lastly is Aşk Mağarası, which is translated as the Love Cave. There the boat approaches the front part of the cave which allows you to take nice pictures. This was quite a nice spot, which was even nicer as the sun was not very sharp and had a golden shine on the rocks. 


For the last stop, we went to Fener Koyu (Lantern Cove), where they stopped for about 20 minutes. As you start to get tired, it's the perfect spot to end your day with. Once the time was up, we slowly turned back to where we started with the trip. They also served some fruit, which was a nice end to the day. When we reached the beach, we took a transfer to the shuttle service and headed on to Antalya. After seeing many sites in the sun, nearly everybody slept on the way back home. They dropped us back at the location they picked us up, which was around 7 pm to conclude our lovely trip. 


-Julide Koca

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