Transport to & in Antalya, Turkey

You can get to Antalya, Turkey by airplanebus or car.

Distances & Travel Times

Here are road distances and travel times to Antalya from various Turkish cities. Here’s how to travel betweenAntalya and Cappadocia.

(Sorry, no train service to Antalya.) No regular ship or ferry service, either.)

Airport Transport

City buses and Havaş Airport buses can take you from Antalya International Airport to Antalya’s Otogar(intercity bus terminal), where you can board the AntRaytram to reach the city center. Soon the AntRay tram line will be extended to the airport. More…

If you’re flying AtlasJet, the airline itself may have a shuttle bus for you to use.

If you plan to stay at the Hotel Tuvana, they can arrange a transfer for you. More…

Otherwise, your choice is an expensive taxi to… anywhere, unless you use an equally expensive but more comfortable and reliable private transfer service which you can reserve even before leaving home. More…

Bus Terminal (Otogar) Transport

The easy way to travel between the Otogar and the city center is by the AntRay tram. More…

Otherwise, several city bus routes and Halk midibusroutes run to Antalya‘s huge bus terminal (Otogar, Terminal). Look for Otogar or Terminal on the signboard; or take a taxiMore…

Transport in Antalya


Basic one-way fare within the city is TL2 if paid in cash, TL1.80 if paid by Antalya Kart (A-Kart) transit card. Some longer trips, such as between the city center and the airport, require double fares (TL3.60).

Paying by card allows discounted transfers to connecting lines. Paying in cash does not.

A-Karts are sold at the Antalya Otogar AntRay tramticket kiosk (open daily until 19:00/7 pm), and at a few transit company offices. You can buy and use the card anonymously, loading money onto it at the point of sale, at a number of shops, at DenizBank ATMs, at major public transit transfer points (TAM); or you can register your card online at a-kent.com, then load money onto the card via the Internet — but only if you know Turkish, as the poorly-organized and incomplete website is only in that language.

The a-kent.com website says you can pay fares by credit card, but gives no information on how to do it.


The AntRay tram and Nostalji Tramvay connect most of the places you’ll want to goMore…

City Bus

City buses can be useful on a few routes. I’ve mentioned them on the appropriate pages in the Antalya section.

Halk Otobüsü

Besides the full-size city-operated buses, there are Halk Otobüsü (“Peoples’ Bus”), privately-owned, city-regulated midi-buses and minibuses. They follow many of the same routes as city buses, with the same route numbers. Fares are the same as on city buses, paid the same way.


And there are always taxis. More…

Boats Antalya<—>Kemer

In summer the Antalya municipal government operates a shuttle boat service, Antalya Deniz Otobüsleri, between Antalya’s Kaleiçi Yat Limanı (the old Roman harbor in Old Antalya, map) to the Kemer Yat Limanı (yacht harbor at Kemer, 47 km (29 miles, 1 hour) southwest of Antalya, with five departures daily from each harbor on the 45-minute voyage. Confirm times locally.

Car Hire/Rental

The big car hire/rental companies and many smaller ones have offices here. Don’t rent a car to travel within the city, but for excursions to nearby places, a car can be a good way to go. More…

—by Tom Brosnahan

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