How to Get to Kaş, Turkey

You’ll probably get to Kaş by minibus from Fethiye or Antalya, but national bus companies Kamil Koç, Metro and Pamukkale serve Kaş as well with direct night buses to AnkaraIstanbul and İzmir.

Among the main minibus companies is Batı Antalya Koop (Western Antalya Cooperative).

Here’s information on ferries to Meis Adası (the Greek island of Megisti/ Kastellorizo, Castellorizon). (You can stay overnight or for several days on Meis/Megisti, but there is no guarantee that there will be a place for you on a return voyage.) More…

Distances & Travel Times

Antalya: 185 km (115 miles) NE, 3 hours
35 minibuses and several large buses daily in the warm months (June to September) between Antalya’s main bus terminal and Kas’s otogar, stopping at Demre/Kale, Finike, and the access roads to Olimpos, Çiraıi, Phaselis and Kemer. Fewer minibuses off-season.

Dalaman: 150 km (93 miles) SE, 3.5 hours

Demre (Myra, Kale): 45 km (28 miles) E, 1 hour

Fethiye: 110 km (68 miles) NW, 2 hours
10 minibuses daily from Kas otogar westward to Fethiye.

Finike: 67 km (42 miles) E, 2 hours (see Antalya, above)

Kalkan: 29 km (18 miles) W, 35 minutes
Frequent minibuses all day.

Olimpos: 116 km (72 miles) E, 2.5 hours (see Antalya, above)

Patara: 45 km (28 miles) W, 45 minutes
Frequent minibuses all the way to Patara beach in summer.

Üçağız (Kale): 33 km (21 miles) E, 45 minutes
Frequent boats and minibuses in summer.

Xanthos (Kınık): 47 km (29 miles) W, 50 minutes
10 minibuses daily in summer.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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