Patara Beach, Turkey

Last Updated on April 25, 2019

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Patara Beach, Turkish Mediterranean

Santa Claus Beach

Just inland (to the right) from the Mediterranean and Patara beach are the ruins of the Roman/Byzantine town of Patara. It was the birthplace of a man named Nicholas who became a priest, then a bishop, and much later a saint canonized for his charitable good works.

In the 19th century Saint Nicholas was transmogrified from the Dutch Sinte Klaas into the North American Santa Claus and British Father Christmas. How the man from Patara would marvel if he knew!

Unlike the North Pole, Patara‘s climate is always temperate, and in summer downright hot, which is why this huge long beach is good to have. All it lacks is shade (as you can see).

There are a few trees to the south (behind the photographer; ie, me) in this picture, but be sure to have sunblock, beach wraps and/or portable shelterif you plan to stay a long time.

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