Akkum Resort & Beach, Turkey

Last Updated on April 25, 2019

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Akkoy, Turkish Aegean Coast

Bright Sand

That’s what Akkum means: Bright (or Light, or White) Sand. You’ll find it here, 2 km/1.2 miles west over the hills from the Turkish Aegean town of Sığacık, which is itself 9 km/5.6 miles west of Seferihisar, west-south-west of Izmir.

Most people don’t come to Akkum for the beach, however. They come for the sailboarding (windsurfing), and they sign up for holiday packages including hotel, some meals, and sailboard (windsurfer) rental.

I actually like to windsurf more than I do to lie on a beach or swim (although, given my talent for windsurfing–or, rather, lack of it–I usually end up doing some swimming in any case), but the good thing about Akkum is…you can easily do both!

To get there, make your way to Izmir or Selçuk/Ephesus, then take a minibus to Seferihisar, and another to Sığacık (SUH-ah-juhk), from which you’ll probably have to hire a taxi, although the walk over the hill is not long, and is quite pretty.



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