Windsurfing in Turkey

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

With its Aegean coast open to the steady, brisk winds blowing from west to east across the Aegean Sea, Turkey offers excellent conditions for windsurfing (sailboarding) in the warm months.

Several locations along Turkey's Aegean coast are particularly good because of the configuration of their bays and islands, and the facilities that have grown up over the years for windsurfers.


Prime among them is Alaçatı, at the tip of the Çeşmepeninsula west of İzmir. A protected bay with a sandy bottom, few rocks and reliable steady winds make this—as the locals put it—a windsurfing paradise. Because of the way the coast curves into a protected bay, it's ideal for both beginning windsurfers, intermediates, and expertsMore...


Foça, north of İzmir, is also famous for its favorable windsurfing winds and currents, though in general it is more open to the sea. More...


Akkum, two km west of Sığacık (southwest of İzmir, northwest of Ephesus), also has excellent conditions in its two bays off its two nice sandy beaches, Big Akkum and Little Akkum (Büyük Akkum & Küçük Akkum).

Bodrum Peninsula

Windsurfing is also possible on the Bodrum Peninsula, particularly near Turgutreis, at Kadıkalesi, and the peninsula offers lots of other things to do: ancient ruins, hikes and boat trips, excellent dining, and lots of hotels and villas in all categories. More...


Closer to Istanbul? Şarköy is not on the Aegean coast, but rather on the north shore of the Sea of Marmara, 3 hours' drive (230 km/143 miles) west of Istanbul on the way to Gallipoli. The wind is brisk here, and the Şarköy Surf Center takes full advantage of it.

—Tom Brosnahan

Alaçatı Çeşme


Bodrum Peninsula

Turkey's Aegean Coast

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