Turgutreis, Bodrum, Turkey

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

Named for a famous Ottoman admiral, Turgutreis is the second-largest town on the westernmost shore of the Bodrum Peninsula (map) located 21 KM (13 miles) from the center of Bodrum. As such, it has all the services you might desire, including large stores, small shops, restaurants, cafés, hairdressers, and medical services.

A HUGE marina provides for the needs of yachters.

What I find surprising about Turgutreis is that, despite its size, its waterfront park and promenade, centered on Atatürk Meydanı (with the requisite statue of Kemal Atatürk) is quite pleasant.

Turgutreis also has beaches, including pleasant, sandy Günbatımı Plajı (Sunset Beach) just north of the promenade and the stone wharf used by the fishermen’s cooperative. Günbatımı Plajı is the best place to watch the sunset, as the name suggests.

Turgutreis Plajı (Beach)

Turgutreis has a long coastline of 2 kilometers, and this is one of the most preferred swimming spots in Bodrum. There are popular beaches along the coastline, as well as public beaches making it accessible for all visitors. Turgutreis is also a windy area but is not ideal for water sports due to its geographical structure.

D-Marin Marina Turgutreis

D-Marin Marina in Turgutreis is a very special place. There is a wide area for yachts, as well as all kinds of shops where you can enjoy duty-free shopping, quality restaurants, cafes, and pubs. There's even a helipad in the marina.


Restaurants & Cafes

  • Blue Point Beach Club is the Marina's Club restaurant. You can have dinner and enjoy the incredible view. Another quality place is 71 Derece Restaurant Bar.
  • Barcelona Cafe Bar is perfect for a fun evening out.
  • Big Chefs, a famous restaurant chain with branches in many cities in Turkey, is also located in the marina.
  • Starbucks, which is created from a part of the sea at the edge of the marina and has a side to the illuminated pool area, and you can watch the fish while sipping your coffee. Cafe Nero is another great cafe.

Cultural Activities

D-Marin is like a living space. It has an open-air cinema which is lively and comfortable in the summer. Before you go, you can check if there is a movie you want to watch.

Sanatçılar ve Ressamlar Sokağı (Artists and Painters Street) is a very pleasant place to visit on summer evenings. Here you can browse the products of local artists and buy beautiful and memorable souvenirs.

Bodrum Müzik Festivali (Music Festival)

D-Marin also hosts the Bodrum Music Festival, an important cultural event for both Turgutreis and Bodrum. You can enjoy classical music in the open-air theater of the Marina with this festival, which is held every August. Many local and foreign artists take the stage at the festivals so if your holiday coincides with August, you can check the program here.

Turgutreis Heykeli and Şevket Sabancı Park

Turgut Reis, one of the most famous sailor admirals during the Ottoman Empire period in the 16th century, gave his name to this charming town because he was born in Muğla. You can visit this statue (heykel) in Turgutreis Şevket Sabancı Park. Şevket Sabancı Park is also a nice park for taking a stroll, both in the daytime and evening. You can even have a picnic in the evening as the park is well-lit, with a wonderful view.


The bazaar (çarşı) of Turgutreis is an active place in summer. Here, it is full of shops that can satisfy all your cravings, from kebabs to pizza. You can buy beautiful jewelry and gifts from the white jewelry stands lined up in the bazaar.

You can cool off on hot summer days by eating ice cream from the famous Bitez Dondurmacısı.

Sünger Pizza is a great option for lunch or dinner. This pizzeria, which also has a branch in Bodrum Center, is nearly always full but it's worth the wait! In addition to pizza, they also have meat, chicken, and fish options as well as hamburgers and pasta dishes. They also have breakfast options for the morning. This warm establishment, which also serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, is a great choice.

Excursions from Turgutreis

The best day trip you can take while in Turgutreis may be to go to the Greek island of Kos. There are regular ferries from Turgutreis to Kos and the journey takes only half an hour.

From Turgutreis, you can get to Bodrum in about 15-20 minutes and visit Bodrum Çarşı, the marina, Bodrum Castle, and much more.

You can also go to Ortakent from Turgutreis in about 15 minutes, where you can swim in the cool waters of Ortakent, an excellent day trip.


Lodging in Turgutreis

In Turgutreis, you can rent villas, stay in boutique hotels, or choose more luxurious 5-star hotels. You can find a suitable place in Turgutreis for all kinds of accommodation options that you will decide according to your expectations and comfort standards from your holiday.

Vacation rentals and reservations in Bodrum are always booked months in advance as it is a popular summer destination. Since both villas and hotels can fill up quickly, it is recommended that you plan ahead of time to get the best deals on the top accommodations.


Traveling by car in Bodrum is always a better choice. Although there is limited parking and parking lots can be expensive, it may be more enjoyable to take a car to explore Bodrum. It takes about 8 hours (696 km) to get from Istanbul to Bodrum by car. From Ankara to Bodrum, it takes about 9 hours by car (713 km). From Izmir, you can reach Bodrum by car in 3-4 hours (242 km). 

If you want to go to Bodrum by plane, you need to fly into Bodrum Milas Airport. You can reach the city center from the airport by buses called HAVAŞ. You can also take the minibusses (dolmuş) to go from the center to Turgutreis; it takes just 20 minutes. Of course, you can also go directly from the airport by taxi.

You can also come to Bodrum by intercity buses. After getting off in the center of Bodrum, you can take smaller buses from the bus station that will take you to Turgutreis in 20 minutes.

—by Tom Brosnahan, updated by Melike Kocaer

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