Ortakent, Bodrum, Turkey

Last Updated on October 27, 2023

Ortakent is about 10 kilometers from Bodrum and its proximity to the center is one of the most beautiful features of this town. Ortakent is also very close to other holiday resorts of Bodrum, 6 kilometers from Bitez, 11 kilometers from Turgutreis, 12 kilometers from Gümüşlük, and 10 kilometers from Yalıkavak. Its name means “the middle city”, and true to its name, you can enjoy a slightly more economical accommodation option by positioning your holiday here. It's a good home base where you can explore all the holiday resorts of Bodrum for the day so that you can enjoy every place to the fullest.

Another feature of Ortakent is that it promises a calm atmosphere away from the crowds in the center of Bodrum or in districts such as Yalıkavak. Ortakent can be the most ideal option if your expectation from the holiday is to be calm in essence but to be within a distance to mingle with the crowds when you want.

The Beach

Ortakent hosts blue flag beaches with a long coastline, so the sea is clean and clear. Ortakent is famous for its wind, and its sea is a bit cooler than other towns. However, thanks to its fine sandy beach and shallow sea, you can gradually get used to the cold water and relax in this beautiful sea on hot summer days.

Ortakent has a large public beach. Here you can benefit from sunbeds free of charge and swim in the sea without extra expenses. There are also many well-known private beaches.

Camel Beach

The first place that comes to mind is Camel Beach. This beach got its name from the camels on the beach, actually, its old name was Kargı Koyu (Kargı Bay). There are still camels here, and if you can negotiate with the owners, you might be lucky enough to see camels on the beach and experience an unforgettable memory. While Camel Beach impresses you with its endless sandy beach and clean sea, located in the westernmost part of Ortakent's Yahşi region, it also delights visitors with lilies that you can rarely come across in the world. Since this beach is shallow and sandy, it is often preferred by families with children. Camel Beach is not expensive in comparison with other beaches in the Bodrum peninsula.

Sal, Yakamoz, and Lugga

Another beach in the Yahşi region is Sal Bodrum. This place has a "beach food" concept, so you can enjoy the sea and eat delicious food.

Lugga and Yakamoz, which are side-by-side businesses that appeal to two different budgets, are also places that will please you. Both are actually boutique hotels, while Lugga is a bit more luxurious, Yakamoz is not as upscale of a place. Both have pools. Lugga works with the entrance fee system, and you do not use the fee you pay at the entrance while spending inside, what you eat, and drink is added to your account. Yakamoz, on the other hand, demands an expenditure fee, not an entrance fee, and you can enter the sea and the pool as you wish by buying food and drink at that minimum price.

Although Ortakent is a quiet town, if you want to spend a day full of adrenaline, you can go to Bodrum Aquapark, which is one of the largest water parks on the Bodrum peninsula.

Ortakent Bazaar (Pazarı)

Market culture is very common and essential in Turkey in general, but especially Aegean and even Bodrum markets are very popular. All Bodrum residents know the Ortakent Pazarı (market), which is set up on Wednesdays, one of these fragrant and delicious markets full of natural and organic products. This market is also frequented by tourists who want to get to know the culture better and taste local products.

Dibeklihan Culture & Art Village

Dibeklihan Culture and Art Village (Kültür ve Sanat Köyü) is the center of art and culture in Ortakent with its stone houses and modern design. If you want, you can come to Dibeklihan in the morning to enjoy a delicious breakfast, visit the exhibitions, attend talks, workshops, film screenings, and concerts, or visit antique shops and handicraft shops to buy souvenirs. 

In Dibeklihan, there are restaurants and cafes such as Dibek Sofrası, which serves Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine, Tenzo which serves Far Eastern cuisine. Here you'll find a restaurant that serves Singapore and Taiwanese dishes. You can also enjoy Hana, with meat dishes on its menu, and Arka Bahçe Cafe where you can stop by for a nice drink.


In Ortakent, there are boutique hotels as well as all-inclusive concept hotels by the beach. You can avoid paying additional beach fees by choosing a place with direct access to the sea. Another option is to spend a peaceful holiday in nature by choosing boutique hotels under tangerine gardens. If you have a car, you can easily go to different towns to swim in the sea.


Traveling by car in Bodrum is always a better choice. Although there is a parking problem and parking lots are expensive, it may be more enjoyable to take a car to explore Bodrum.

If you want to go to Bodrum by plane, you need to use Bodrum Milas Airport. You can reach the city center from the airport by buses called HAVAŞ. You can also come to Bodrum by intercity buses. After getting off in the center of Bodrum, Ortakent is only 10 kilometers away. You can reach here by taking the Ortakent/Yahşi buses departing from Bodrum bus station. From Ortakent, you can get to Bodrum's other famous towns such as Bitez and Turgutreis in 15-30 minutes.

-   By Melike Kocaer

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