Gümüşlük Restaurant & Shopping Guide

Last Updated on October 4, 2022

Located 18km (11 miles) from Bodrum’s city center is the stunning seaside town of Gümüşlük, right on the tip of Turkey’s coast. While it’s quite small, there are things that you can do here that aren’t found in Bodrum. For example, Gümüşlük is known for its laid-back and quieter atmosphere with a dozen stunning restaurants on the water (literally!). The views from here are gorgeous, and once sunset begins, the crowds come and the restaurants fill up. 


Additionally, Gümüşlük has several trees adorned with evil-eye charms positioned in the sea. Small fish are visibly swimming near the trees which is a delightful sight. There are also numerous kiosks selling handmade souvenirs including ceramics and jewelry. Below are some of the top-rated restaurants and cute kiosks in the area.

Our Top Recommended Restaurants:

1. Fonda

This is a great restaurant to visit if you want to avoid overpriced Mediterranean cuisine. Most restaurants in Gümüşlük charge a hefty amount for basic appetizers and drinks. However, Fonda is on the lower side of the price scale and can surely offer you a good experience eating at one of Gümüşlük’s seaside restaurants without paying extortionate prices. Their fruit-blended frozen drinks are refreshing and delicious and you can catch the sunset from here.

2. Siesta Restaurant

Siesta Restaurant is a few doors down from Fonda and also offers stunning views of the sea surrounded by lush, colorful flowers. From fresh fish to a revitalizing glass of raki, Siesta offers a wide range of mezes, main courses, and drinks. If you’re after one of those tables that sits directly next to the sea, be sure to make a reservation beforehand!

3. Ginger

While this place is more inland, it’s only a 6-minute drive from Gümüşlük’s seaside are and opened in May 2022. They serve upscale, authentic Asian cuisine in a high-end setting. Their menu consists of many Asian favorites like sushi, Korean chicken wings, and tobiko spaghetti! Additionally, their drink menu includes international favorites like whiskey sour and house-made cocktails.


At one of the main entrances of Gümüşlük near the taxi station, there are several jewelry and souvenir kiosks lined up. They carry handmade items that are great gifts for not only loved ones but also yourself! While these little shops don’t have specific names, you’ll find different kinds of items. For example, there’s a unique place that sells glass figurines made from hand-blown glass in the shapes of various animals including seahorses and turtles. You can buy jewelry made with glass figurines or as charms by themselves. The owner molds them right in front of you, giving a unique experience where you can get a glimpse of the creative process.

There are also half a dozen jewelry stands offering similarly-looking pieces but at different prices. Some shop owners will go the extra mile and shorten a bracelet or necklace for you so it fits perfectly. These are the types of jewelry stands that you want to visit because the customer service is spectacular and they’re willing to offer reasonable prices. Additionally, you can confirm the items are handmade because many of the owners make their products right in front of you.


Gümüşlük is a magical place you should consider visiting for a day while in Bodrum. If spending the day leisurely exploring a quieter town with charm, this is the place to be. If you plan to eat at one of their seaside restaurants, call ahead of time to try and reserve a table next to the water! This is where you can have the full experience of a romantic dinner next to the Aegean Sea.


-Sonia Anand

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