Gümüşlük, Bodrum, Turkey

Gümüşlük, a seaside village on the western shore of theBodrum peninsula (map), is known for its fishing-village charm, its simple but good waterfront restaurants, its spectacular sunset views, and the fact that the waters just offshore in its pristine little bays are littered with the ruins of ancient Myndos.

If you visit Gümüşlük (gur-MURSH-lurk), it will most likely be for one of those sunset seafood dinners—which, I wager, you will remember for years—though you may come for lunch instead (or in addition).

Should you want to stay overnight, check out Gümüşlük’s hotels:

When you come, if you drive, you will be required to park in the pay lot at the end of the road, just inland from the bay and the restaurants.

Minibuses travel to and from Bodrum‘s Otogar (bus terminal) all day long and into the evening.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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