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Last Updated on November 1, 2022

This post now contains irrelevant information- for new up to date information review our page, "How to take the bus in Antalya".

Antalya's midibuses and minibuses are the heart of the city's urban transport system: they run from the city limits right through the center to the city limits on the other side.

They run along prescribed routes—of which there are many. To learn many of the routes would be confusing, but—luckily—it's not necessary.

Just learn a few major reference points, then look on the signboard in the bus's front window to see if it stops there:

Antalya Museum = Müze

Bus Terminal Terminal or Otogar

Kalekapısı = Kalekapısı

Hadrian's Gate = Üçkapılar

Karaalioğlu Park = Karaalı or Park

Konyaaltı Beach = Konyaaltı (Caddesi)

Lara Beach = Lara

Few buses run along the main boulevards in the city center. Rather, they run along streets (some one-way) slightly inland, so as to remove some frequent traffic from the city-center boulevards.

Thus, if a bus sign reads Kalekapısı, it may not actually pass the stone tower at the city center. You may have to get out a block inland, which means you must mention Kalekapısı to the driver so that he knows to let you out at the stop that's nearest to that destination.

For many top sights, the trams are easier to use. If you're in a hurry, or want comfort, take a taxi.

Midi- and minibuses can take you to Antalya's bus terminal (Otogar), but to get to the airport you must take a special airport bus or a taxi.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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