Antalya Hotels, Inns & Pensions

Antalya hotels can be divided into three categories: boutique hotels and innspensions, and modern luxury hotels.

Boutique Hotels in Old Antalya

My favorite places to stay in Antalya are these charming small inns and boutique hotels in Kaleiçi, the historic center, with Ottoman style and modern comforts—even air conditioning, swimming pools, restaurants, satellite TVs, DVD players, and fast Internet connections. (The Ottomans never had it so good!) More…

Budget Pensions in Old Antalya

These small pensions in Kaleiçi are much like their neighbors the small boutique hotels and inns, but simpler, with lower prices. More…

Large Modern Luxury Hotels

If you enjoy grand hotels with all the comforts and services, these are the places for you. More…

Roman harbor and Kaleiçi (Old Antalya).

—by Tom Brosnahan

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